Our History

Banbury Cross Farm was established by the family in 1963. The farm has been and remains in the family.

At Banbury we have been involved in all assets of the horse industry.

Standardbred Horses
The farm has been actively involved with
Standardbreds for over 50 years.

We have experience in
• Breeding Standardbreds
• Raising Standardbreds
• Selling Standardbreds
• Breaking Standardbreds
• Training Standardbreds
• Boarding Standardbreds
• Racing Standardbreds

Riding Horses
The farm has been involved with
Riding Horses for 50 years.

we have experience in:
• Breeding Riding Horses
• Raising Riding Horses
• Showing Riding Horses
• Jumping Riding Horses
• Dressage Riding Horses
• Driving Riding Horses
• Eventing Riding Horses
• 100 mile endurance riding
• Western to Pony Racing.