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  • January 21, 2013

Scottish Highland & Highland Cross Cattle

At Banbury Cross Farm, we raise Scottish Highland and Scottish Highland cross cattle. Scottish Highland Cattle are believed to produce the tastiest and most succulent beef. Our cattle have no added hormones, and are antibiotic and pesticide free.

Unlike other breeds, Highlands are slow maturing, making their meat tender, flavorful and succulent. In a study at Manyberries Research Station, Canada, groups of Hereford, Highland and Highland/Hereford crosses were tested. The Highland group produced 2000 pounds more beef than the Herefords. The Highland/Hereford crosses produced 6000 pounds more than the purebred Hereford group.

Highland cows will average 900-1200 pounds when mature. Bulls will average from 1500-1800 pounds depending on forage conditions. A study by the Scottish Agricultural College determined that Highland beef is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein and iron than other beef breeds.

Highland cattle societies are also found in Scotland, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. The animals are referred to as Scottish Highland cattle, Scotch Highland cattle or Highlanders. Regardless of where they are located today, Highland cattle can trace their ancestry to Scotland. Importations of Scottish stock, embryos and semen in the US and Canada have served to assure continuation of the Highland pool in North America.

Highland cattle provide the opportunity to produce a premium quality beef with less cost and effort. They fit into a variety of operation styles, from the small farm to large commercial beef operations.