Banbury Cross Farm Pekin Duck

Banbury Cross Farm Pekin Duck is raised on GreenMountain GMO-Free starter crumbles
Pekin-Duck-Banbury-Cross-FarmNYThese products are manufactured with a combination of Non-GMO conventional feed grains, and Certified Organic (Also Non-GMO) feed grains. We use Envirologix Quick Scan system, to ensure that our incoming grains are Non-GMO.

The Banbury Pekin Duck are raised inside, until they are old enough and the weather is warm enough, to make the trek out to the front pasture every morning to eat the grass as well as bask in the spring sunshine. The American Pekin duck is also known as the Peking, White Pekin, Pekin, and Long Island duck.

Our ‘waddling out to pasture’ of the ducks in the morning and ‘waddling into bed at night’ is very popular with the children, as many of them visit the farm to help ‘herd’ the ducks out in the morning and in at night.

If you have a ‘future herds person’ that is interested in partaking this adventure, please feel free to contact the farm to make arrangements. Do to popular demand, we try to limit the amount of herdsman so as not to overwhelm the ducklings.

Our ducks are very popular because of being raised outside, the non GMO feed, not being ‘hothouse’ in a small confined space with no sunshine or freedom.

People find that Banbury Ducks are lean and of a very excellent quality and taste.